TAG Flatbush

TAG Flatbush

TAG Flatbush Chanuka Schedule:

We will be open Chanuka for our regular hours with the exception of the Sunday of  Chanuka December 9th. Sunday December 9th we will be closed.

Make sure that your gifts are in going to be in the spirit of the Maccabim– not in the spirit of the Yevonim!!
Before giving or purchasing a gift, please be advised of the following:

MP3 Players:

  • Most MP3 Players come with certain features that you may not be aware of, like AM or FM Radios and Video playing capabilities.
  • An iPod Touch should not be viewed as a music player – but rather as a dangerous device which has already claimed many Neshamot.

Gaming Devices:

  • Most Gaming Devices including PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, etc.. may appear innocent but have WiFi and  full web browsing capabilities, including chat gaming with strangers. Parental controls on these devices are meaningless, and WiFi can’t be removed on most of these devices.
  • Some of the games available are inappropriate, and contain content you do not want your children exposed to.

Wishing all of Klal Yisroel א פרייליכען חנוכה!!