4G LTE Basic Phones

Most carriers are switching their networks to the 4G LTE standard. As a result, the older flip phones/basic phones might not work very well or stop working completely. Currently their are only a handful of basic LTE devices available. Most of which cannot be “kashered”. There are Kosher 4G flip phones available at Kosher phone retailers.


LG Exalt LTE – Recommended

TAG can reliably remove/ block browsers and other issues.

Kyocera Cadence-Not recommended

TAG Cannot reliably remove all issues.

Kyocera DuraXV LTE – Not recommended

TAG Cannot reliably remove all issues.

ZTE Cymbal LTE – Non WiFi model can usually be blocked by the carrier 

TAG Cannot do anything to this device.

At&t, T-mobile, Cricket, Boost Mobile and others

Alcatel Go Flip, or Flip 2 – Has WiFi that cannot be disabled. Even if carrier blocks Data.  DO NOT BUY!!!!