4G LTE Basic Phones

Important information:

Basic phones don’t get filtered – they get Koshered. Huh? What’s the difference? The difference is filters are removable, and are customizable. Koshered means permanent, and not customize able. In most cases Koshering involves a brand new operating system. As a result all information will be lost.

In general, there are 2 options in Basic Phone Koshering.

  • Talk only. This means no camera, no music player no SD card.
  • Talk and text – No email and no video playback yes camera and SD capabilities.

Email is ONLY available on a couple of flip phones.

  • VN220 (Exalt LTE) 
  • Kyocera Dura XV

At&t, T-mobile, Cricket, Ultra  Mobile,H2O, Metro PCS and others

  • UN220 and AN220 – (same as Exalt LTE) – 


  • NUU: (quality not as good as Schok or Exalt) 
  • Schok:  Unlocked for AT&T T-Mobile 

and other carriers on those networks. Can be Koshered by TAG offices in Flatbush, Boro Park, Williamsburg, Lakewood .

  • Coolpad Snap – AT&T version only! (quality not as good as Schok or Exalt)
  • Alcatel Go Flip, or Flip 2 -(quality is terrible) –

             Specific models only! 4044O 4044L, 4044W, 4044C

  • Alcatel Smartflip  or Flip 3 -(quality is almost as bad ) 

(4052 models from AT&T, Cricket, T-Mobile, Metro PCS)

Can be made Kosher with a custom Operating System. (Not available by TAG Flatbush)




  • LG Exalt LTE (VN220)-  

            TAG can reliably remove/ block browsers and other issues.

  • Orbic Journey V –


              Can be done reliable by select TAG locations

  • Kazuna E-Talk- (quality is not good)(F019, F119)       

Koshering services available ( at select TAG office Locations: BoroPark, Williamsburg, Lakewood) 

  • Kyocera Cadence-

Koshering services available ( at select TAG office Locations: Flatbush, BoroPark, Williamsburg, Lakewood) 


  • Kyocera DuraXV LTE – –Koshering services available 

 at select TAG office Locations:  BoroPark, Williamsburg, Lakewood, Flatbush



  • Alcatel 4044T : can be done reliably at select TAG locations. (quality not good)
  • Alcatel 4052W has been reported to be available as well. (quality better than 4044T  but not good) Check with Sprint to make sure.