Chromebooks are laptop or tablet looking devices that are designed almost exclusively for online usage. They do not have a regular operating system to install regular programs or filters.

Filtering options:

  • Buy a windows computer! Then use USA Nativ, Techloq, Gentech, Netfree !!
  • KosherBook by Machane Kadosh
  • Blocksi (not supported by TAG)

Kosherbook options:

  1. Offline typing only.
  2. Email and typing.
  3. Zoom and Email
  4. Kosher sites including banking,Torah items etc.

Will not include any sort of search engine, or shopping, or secular news.

Price: $30 licensing fee, and a $30 setup/installation fee.

Note: As of now – no changes or adjustments after initial setup. (just troubleshooting) .