In-Office policy

TAG Flatbush policies:

  • TAG will NOT give out any passwords over the phone, or remove filters remotely. If you would like your account to have the ability to receive passwords or uninstall remotely, please let the tech know in advance.
  • If you are setting up a device for a child, please advise our technician, and we will password-protect the account information, to prevent tampering.
  • Our office closes on time. Please do not come last second and expect to be accommodated.
  • Please be aware our technicians can spend a maximum of 30 minutes per customer. Please use our website’s information to determine what filter you will need, as well as what is required, in order to properly serve you within that time frame.
  • Please make an appointment. For anything other than a very minor(less than 2 minutes) item, please click here to make an appointment.
  • Any devices left after 30 days will become Hefker (ownerless). We will make every effort to remind you, but bottom line, it is your responsibility.
  • We take great care to return your device to you in the same shape that you give it in, however when it come to technology there is always a risk of losing information. PLEASE BACK-UP all your information before coming in for a filter. this is to minimize risk and Agmas Nefesh. TAG DOES NOT take responsibility for lost data or contacts.
  • If you do not know how to back up your device properly, and you would like our technicians to do it, as it is not filter related, there will be a minimum suggested donation.
  • If the device that is being brought in is in poor condition or filthy, TAG reserves the right to refuse service.
  • If you are bringing in a device to remove a radio, or remove WiFi, you will be required to either purchase insurance from us (ranges from between $5 and $25 dollars), or sign a waiver absolving TAG and the Technician from any damage or loss, of device or data.