As of June 2017, the following options are available for  iPods, iPhones, and  Gentech Filter or Apple Restrictions.

Note: These solutions are for iOS versions 7.1.2 and above. Older devices that cannot be upgraded to the minimum operating system, are not considered filterable at all.

  • Internet Blocked – blocks open website browsing (can’t go from website to website) as well as open searching (No Google).
  • Whitelist– allow specific approved websites only.
  • Block App Store – prevent installation of questionable apps, magazines
  • Can be set up securely to prevent the device from being factory reset.

The chart below highlights the benefits of Gentech.

Features    Apple Restrictions    Gentech     
Content Filtering (Actively scans websites in real time) NO (Has an adult content filter that tries to  block  the worst of the worst and is NOT recommended) YES
Image Filtering ( scans images in real time) NO YES
Skin-tone Shading (fills in the various shades of skin with other colors) NO YES
Price $0 per year $140/year
Time Control (turn off all data on a schedule) NO YES
YouTube Filtering NO YES (youtube is still NOT recommended)
Safe Search ( Filters Search results within Google) NO YES
Remote Management (Settings can be adjusted from anywhere) NO   Any changes need to be   done in-office. YES
Category Filtering NO YES


 Q. What Filtering options do I have?

A. We currently have 2 filtering options.

  1. Apple built-in Restrictions — $ Free $
  2. Gentech full filter ——- $140 per year

Q. How come a couple of years ago the filters were  free?

A. A few years ago we did not have reliable filters. Now we do. The only reliable filters are from companies that do charge. They have to charge because it costs Millions of dollars to develop, test, refine, upgrade and maintain the filters. As a side note this type of technology also known as MDM, (mobile device management) is incredibly expensive. On the open market a license for an MDM usually goes for in the range of $20-$30 per month per device. Or approximately $240-$360 per year PER DEVICE. So this is a relative bargain.

Products used in the past did not actually filter the internet. Some tried to limit categories of websites relying on massive lists of presorted websites. Any website that was accessible was fully accessible regardless of content. So when a website like Amazon was available, the entire website was available including images and content that were wholly inappropriate. The filters TAG installs operate like a water filter. A water filter gives you the water and filters out the harmful items. So too, you get the websites, and the harmful items get filtered out.

Q. What is the difference between the Apple Restrictions and Gentech?

A. There are major differences.

  1. Price- Apple restrictions is $0 per year, and Gentech is $140 per year.
  2. Apple Restrictions doesn’t actually filter. Apple restrictions limits access to whatever is set up. And whatever is left accessible – is fully accessible. For example, if Google is available, the entire google is available nothing restricted.
  3. Gentech is a filter that can remove questionable content from search results, and inappropriate images from web pages and filters the Apps themselves.
  4. All Apple restriction settings are on the device itself. Meaning all changes have to be done within a TAG office. Gentech settings and adjustments are done remotely meaning you don’t have to be in our office. (unless you like coming!)
  5. Again Apple restrictions do NOT filter images.
  6. Gentech has a full customer support division beyond TAG’s service.
  7. Gentech filters content within apps. Meaning it will filter images and content within Amazon for example.

 Q. Which one should I choose?

A. That depends on you and your device. The following questions are designed to guide you.

    1. Is price a big deal? Gentech isn’t free.
    1. Do you need internet or Google? No, then you can use Restrictions.
    1. Do you look up everything on Google? Apple restrictions isn’t a filter so you need to go with Gentech.
  1. Do you only use your phone for talk and text message? Use Restrictions.