Machane Kadosh Schools

Machane Kadosh is THE Standard.

Machane Kadosh is uncompromising when it comes to Yahaddut. Uncompromising when it comes to Chinuch. Even when it is challenging or inconvenient. “1% not-kosher is 100% Treif”. Machane Kadosh is the mentality that technology and the internet, are  tools – dangerous tools,that can be and should be used only when necessary, and  and not as  entertainment portals. Machane Kadosh is the brainchild of Rabbi Kirschenbaum of Ateret Torah.  Through a lot of hard work, a lot of Agmat Nefesh, and even more persistence- it is catching fire, and taking the frum world by storm.

The Following Yeshivot have signed on to Machane Kadosh.

  • Yeshiva Ateret Torah
  • Yeshiva of Brooklyn
  • Mesilas Bais Yaakov
  • Yeshiva Chaim Berlin
  • The Cheder
  • Tiferes Elimelech
  • Mirrer Yeshiva