Tech Support for Machane Kadosh

Machane Kadosh guidelines were established with careful deliberation, and  in conjunction with Da’at Torah. With this in mind, the settings adjustments are carefully controlled, to ensure maximum safety. Please do contact Gentech first, but be aware that their technicians cannot do every adjustment or allow every request. Anything that cannot be accomplished by contacting Gentech, can be done for the most part,  emailing your request to

When emailing us – as always – make sure you provide enough information, so our technicians can make the necessary adjustments as quickly as possible. They will need:

  • Contact information– name, email address, and a phone number
  • Filter type- Gentech, Nativ USA, Netspark etc..
  • Username -(preferably) 
  • Best time to contact you
  • Best way to get in touch with you- email, cell phone, home phone.

You may also text:  (240) 219-5491