TAG Support

We are aware, that although filtering technology has come a long way, as with all technology – it isn’t perfect. However, there is no need to be frustrated ! Our goal is to be able to service all who need, in a timely and professional manner. We are constantly working to improve our customer support, and need your patience and persistence to improve.

Support options.  Please be advised: Your primary source for Customer support is from the filtering companies themselves. In general all support requests should go through them.

  • Contact Gentech, USA Nativ, or Netspark directly.
  • Call  the TAG Hotline – (718) 717-8241 Sunday-Thursday from 4:00 AM -12:00 AM 

 Our office has limited support capabilities. 

We will do our best to resolve your issues within 48 hours.

Text – (240) 219-5491

Email – support@tagflatbush.com 

In order to provide accurate and fast customer support, when Texting or emailing, please provide us with filter type, username, email address or other relevant information as well as a brief description of the issue.

Thank you!

For Machane Kadosh: Guidelines were established with careful deliberation, and  in conjunction with Da’at Torah. With this in mind, the settings adjustments are carefully controlled to ensure maximum safety. Please do contact  Gentech first, but be aware that their technicians cannot do every adjustment or allow every request. Anything that cannot be accomplished by contacting Gentech, can be done for the most part by emailing your request.