So something is not working properly. What can be done?

Let’s figure out the basics:

1. What device are you using?
     (Windows computer, iPhone, Android etc.)

2. What operating system is it running?

This is important, since troubleshooting is different, based on the operating system.

To find out what operating system your device is:

-For a Windows computer click here.
-For Android devices click here.
-For iPhone, iPod, and iPad click here.

3. What filter are you using?

(Gentech/Livigent, Netspark, Nativ USA, etc..)

4. Identify what the problem actually is.

This means for example if a computer isn’t turning on, make sure it is actually plugged in! Now I know this sounds, well, silly.  However, our experience has shown, that often the most basic items are the solution. So, if your email isn’t sending or Whatsapp isn’t updating, make sure that you actually have a data connection.

5. Next, follow the troubleshooting steps below, that can solve a lot of issues. Not all problems, but a lot of them.

Data/ internet isn’t working at all: 

Symptoms: Not getting email. Whats app not sending or updating. Web sites not loading at all.

  1. Verify that your device is properly connected to the internet. If WiFi is turned on, make sure you actually have a connection, since when connecting through a optimum hot spot (or other hotspots that require you to sign in to a web page) it will show that you are connected but actually you are not.
  2. Refresh you connection to the server.
    1. Gentech: 
      1. Android – Go to the Gentech MDM App and click update policy.(if done successfully the app should close.
      2. iPhone, iPad or  iPod – click on  the Gentech app. ( if successful you should get a greenish box saying your user ###### has been refreshed.)
      3. Windows computer – click on the little Gentech(Livigent) icon 
  3. Restart your device. Simple as it might sound, a lot of times that is all it takes.
  4. Reload that page. If that website was previously available, just reload the page (on an windows computer by holding down the CTRL button and pressing the F5 button) by just trying to go to that webpage again.
  5. Try a different website or page within a website, to see if it is just that page.
  6. Try a different browser – sometimes a browser just needs to be cleared up (very common) not filter related, internet related.

App not working

Symptoms: App not loading. Not able to login within an App. App keeps crashing.

  1. Restart the app.
  2. Restart the device.(turn off and then turn back on.)
  3. Clear cached data. (advanced technique for  Android only. go to Settings>storage> device storage> select cached data and click OK to delete.
  4. Check to see if any updates are available for your app (if you happen to have access to your appstore) There are a lot of apps for example Whatsapp, that stop working after a certain amount of time and require an update.

If these steps don’t help then click here for support.