About Machane Kadosh

What is Machane Kadosh?   

We all  understand the potential pitfalls of the internet. As Frum Yidden we over extend ourselves to prevent  the negative influences of the world from penetrating in to our homes and families. As the threat of technology grows, we have the critical responsibility that even when inconvenient or impractical, we must take a firm stand to maintain Yiddishkeit’s continuity.

Machane Kadosh was guided by the Vaad  HaRabbonim to create a technology standard on par for the frum community. These guidelines were made with the intention that no inappropriate content or images will be inadvertently accessed.

The following are the MK (Machane Kadosh) guidelines.

The following item aren’t available, this includes both Websites and Apps.

  1. Entertainment( Movies, TV Shows, Youtube, magazines etc…)
  2. Secular news. (ABC, CNN, NBC etc…)
  3. Social Media including Facebook, Instagram etc.
  4. Sports (ESPN, MLB.com, NFL.com etc…)
  5. Unsafe Shopping  (certain clothing, beauty, etc..)
  6. Strict image filtering (ensuring all images are Tzniut)

-Devices with internet capabilities will be password-protected at all times.

-Work devices that are internet enabled will not be brought into the home without a proper filter – even if it is not being used at home at all.

 *If someone requires any of the above for business purposes, an ishur (waiver) is available  enabling people’s business to function smoothly( It goes without saying that a filter is required, just that certain items will be permitted) .

There are many programs that claim to filter the internet, or block the internet, however few are reliable. As a result TAG spends countless hours and dollars to provide the best and most up-to-date solutions available. Although TAG provides their service at no charge, the filters themselves are not free.


Machane Kadosh filtering solutions:

Most devices that do not need internet, can be blocked for free.

Any device that does require internet, only the following filters, and filtering solutions, are approved:

Windows computers:

  1. Gentech (Livigent) approximately $140 per year
  2.  Nativ USA- $140 per year for up to 2 computers.


  1. Gentech (Livigent)$140 per year
  2. MK profile (free, it blocks the internet while allowing only a whitelist and approved apps. No shopping, news, sports…)

Android devices:

            Gentech (Approximately $140 per year (if Gentech isn’t compatible, then we use Netspark – $70 yr.)

Apple computers:

Block-all internet. (white listing specific kosher websites, is available $0 yr.)