Windows Computers

Windows Computers

and are filters that are approved by TAG for windows computers.

  • Content filtering – Gentech and Nativ use proprietary software to preview the content (words) and images in real time.
  • Image filtering – Unlike K9, these filters can “see” the images and decide if it is appropriate based on your settings.
  • Skin Tone Shading– The option is there to allow certain images, with the skin tone shaded out, to enable viewing the rest of the image.
  • Remote management– unlike K9, all filter adjustments are done on their servers- NOT on your computer at all. No need to take time to come to the TAG office to adjust settings.
  • Safe Search – Filters the actual search results so inappropriate content does NOT show up.
  • Security – There is no any record of searches or web pages visited, so all your personal information remains private.
  • Uninstall protection – prevents unauthorized removal of the filter.
  • – Like any quality product these filters are not free, however you get much more than your money’s worth.
        Nativ USA                                     Gentech
Price $9.50/month for whitelist-max 100 websites($95/YR) or

$14/ month – category- based filter ($140/YR)

        Includes 2 computers

$13 per month or $38.95 Quarterly (or $140/YR)
Trial Period 30 days ( Need a credit card,  but won’t bill for 30 days) NO (48 hours till credit card is charged)

Will refund up to  30 days.

Time Control (Turn off data on a schedule) NO YES
Pre-Koshered Websites (Websites Pre-cleaned) YES NO
Password Protected Internet (Need password to even use the internet) YES (all browsing is blocked until password is entered.) Not by default, but can be configured to block all internet with a password.
Remote Management

(Settings  adjusted from anywhere)



Q.What Filtering options do I have?

A.As of February 2017 we have 3 options for Windows Computers.

  1. Nativ USA ——–$9.50 monthly/$95 per year for 100 websites, or  $14.00 monthly/ $140 per year for unlimited sites
  2. Gentech ———–$12.99 per month or $38.95 every 3 months or $140 per year
  3. Block all data—–$0 per year

Q. How come a couple of years ago the filters were free?

A. A few years ago we did not have reliable filters. Now we do. Products used in the past did not actually filter the internet. Some tried to limit categories of websites relying on massive lists of presorted websites. Any website that was accessible was fully accessible regardless of content. So when a website like Amazon was available, the entire website was available including images and content that were wholly inappropriate. The filters TAG installs operate like a water filter. A water filter gives you the water and filters out the harmful items. So too, you get the websites, and the harmful items get filtered out. The only reliable filters are from companies that do charge. They have to charge because it costs Millions of dollars to develop, test, refine, upgrade and maintain the filters. As a side note this type of technology also known as MDM, (mobile device management) is incredibly expensive. On the open market a license for an MDM usually goes for in the range of $20-$30 per month per device. Or approximately $240-$360 per year PER DEVICE. So this is a relative bargain. 

QI had K9 in the past. What’s wrong with K9?

A. K9 is a good product with significant flaws. K9 works by categories, but doesn’t actually filter the internet. If a category or website is available, it is fully available regardless of what content it contains. So again when a website like Amazon is available, the entire website is available including images and content that are wholly inappropriate. In adition, as a free produst the company does not update the software properly.  As a result updates th operating system can cause K9 to stop working entirely. K9’s flaws are also well known, and easily exploited.

Q. What is the difference between Gentech and Nativ USA?

A. There are a few differences.

  1. USA Nativ has different pricing tiers. A cheaper option that allows up to 100 websites for $9.50 per month or $95 per year. (whitelist) If you need more than 100 websites, price is $14.00 per month or $140 per year for unlimited sites. (greylist) Gentech is $38.95 every 3 months or $140 per year for all the websites that you need.
  2. Nativ USA  also gives you 2 licenses. Meaning you can filter two different computers, as well as 2 entirely different settings.
  3. Gentech can filter NativUSA offers monitored YouTube. All videos are reviewed within 4-8 hours. This allows for better management of “senseless” usage. Of course, all inappropriate content is blocked immediately. Videos on a different site, that are hosted by can be allowed.
  4. Nativ USA image filtering seems to be more accurate at image recognition. They also offers the ability to add individual images or just one page of images, when you don’t want the full site with unfiltered images. Gentech can remove the image filtering from complete websites.
  5. Nativ USA  has an optional feature that gives you access to only pre-koshered (manually cleaned) websites. Meaning that you will only get 100% kosher websites. They have a master list of more than 30,000 pre-koshered (manually cleaned) websites. With an option to have other websites cleaned as well.
  6. Nativ USA has a 30 trial period prior to actually paying for anything. ( need billing info and credit card but not actually billed) Gentech has a 30 day money back guarantee.
  7. Gentech has a large tech support department, as well as long support hours. 10am (approx.) to 9pm. Nativ USA  is  available til 5pm. (with an after-hours emergency number.)

Q. Which one should I choose?

A.That depends on you and your device. The following questions are designed to guide you.

  1. How many computers do you need to get filtered? More than one? Nativ will be cheaper.
  2. How old is your computer? More than 3 years old Gentech will probably run more smoothly.
  3. Do you require YouTube? Yes? Gentech has 5 levels. Nativ has a monitored Youtube option as well ( not filtered at all).
  4. Are you constantly going to different websites? Don’t use NATIV’s  whitelist option, as you will be frustrated. Either Gentech or NativUSA’s greylist (categories) option.
  5. Do you usually go to the same websites all the time? Nativ whitelist may work for you.